Timber Bridge Refurbishments

When your bridge is in need of a bridge repair or a refurbishment, then look no further than Cedar Bridges LLC. Our bridges are always reliable and dependable that you can count on to get the timber bridge refurbishment job done well. We strive to extend the service live of your bridge and increase your return on investment.

What is provided from our on-site refurbishment teams?

  • Our professional team arrives prepared to guide you through all aspects of the renovation with you.
  • All necessary vehicle, roadway or pedestrian access coordination precautions are performed.
  • The proper environmental conditions and systems are put in place to protect the environment.
  • A detailed walk through is performed to ensure your satisfaction.

What is provided once the refurbishment is complete?

  • A warranty and maintenance package is delivered and reviewed with the client.

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Joe Malloy
Owner of Cedar Bridges LLC Construction Business
36 years of valuable experience (1980 – 2016)