Timber Bridge Inspections

Timber Bridge Inspections

After you purchase your bridge, it is important that you have your investment protected. You can protect your bridge by contacting Cedar Bridges LLC to conduct a professional bridge inspection. When we do an inspection, you can feel rest assured that your bridge is safe and properly maintained. Bridge inspections will ensure the bridge will age gracefully throughout the years.

In addition to one-time bridge inspections, we also offer custom inspection plans specifically catered to your individual needs.

It is important to have your bridges routinely inspected because:

  • We are able to give our customers the necessary maintenance and repair details before those issues become irreparable and too costly
  • Less maintenance is required when a bridge is properly inspected and maintained
  • Extends the service the life of your bridge knowing the best maintenance and bridge protection procedures

What is included in this Bridge Inspection?

  • Detailed photographs are taken to keep a record of all areas of the bridge structure as well as any notable problem areas.
  • Visual inspection of the timber bridge will be performed and includes all aspects of the bridge that are accessible, above ground, and out of the water.
  • A detailed report is produced detailing, but not limited to, the following:
    • Recommendations for immediate repair
    • Safety Recommendations
    • Recommendations for maintenance, longevity and low maintenance
    • Condition of the bridge and its components

What type of inspection plans does Cedar Bridges LLC offer?

We provide one-time bridge inspections in addition to custom inspection plans that are tailor made for each client’s needs. Multiple plans can be purchased based on consecutive inspections planned out for future years.

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