About Us

Jim Malloy has worked construction since 1974 and opened his own business, Malloy’s Remodeling Service, in 1980. Since his start in construction, he has built anything from tree houses to million dollar homes.

Cedar Bridges LLC began in 2005 when a customer inquired as to whether Malloy’s Remodeling Service would be able to build a bridge for their yard. We were eager to take on a new project and worked closely with the customer from there to design, engineer, and build their dream bridge. Once finished, the bridge was loaded onto a trailer just waiting to be brought to its new home, and as passers-by took notice of the stunning cedar bridge, our phone started ringing and Cedar Bridges LLC was born.

Even though we build bridges out of steel, treated lumber and other materials, the name Cedar Bridges has stuck with us throughout the years. Since that first bridge, we’ve built bridges all over the country for more than a decade. Our customers range from homeowners seeking a single bridge to golf courses and resorts seeking many bridges. No matter how big or small of a job, we can do it all. Our passion for building bridges has grown immensely over the years and we love seeing the look on our customers’ faces when they see their new bridge for the first time. When you call Cedar Bridges LLC, you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to provide you with high-quality customer service and ultimately, your dream bridge.

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Joe Malloy
Owner of Cedar Bridges LLC Construction Business
36 years of valuable experience (1980 – 2016)